Making Applications via Mandy

Following feedback from employers using Mandy, we request that all candidates read and adhere to the following guidelines.

Read the entire brief (and only apply if you meet the requirements)

If a job vacancy clearly states production and job requirements, please understand that they have been listed for a reason. Employers take the time to specify what they require, so please take the time to read the brief and apply ONLY if you meet the requirements.

Actors ā€“ read all roles before applying

Mandy members can only submit one application for each job. Please bear this in mind if you're eager to audition for more than one role.

Apply for the job on offer ā€“ not the job you want to be on offer

Employers have told us that they don't want to receive speculative applications such as; "Iā€™m not a technical director but do you need wardrobe crew?"

Only apply for job vacancies in your location

The majority of the job vacancies posted on our site specify an exact location, and therefore are only seeking applicants within that area. We understand that people are willing to relocate for a really great job, but if an employer has specified the job is in Los Angeles and they're receiving applications from members who live in Maine; it's a waste of their time and yours. Move around a lot? Then make sure the location you've chosen on your profile page is where you are currently residing.

Include all of the required information

You've got the skills and you're in the desired location? Great! Next step: the application. If an employer has asked for the professional references, or for you to specify your relevant experience in your cover letter, then please be aware if you don't supply the requested information, your application may well be discarded ā€“ or you may find your application is denied if it is not clear you have the necessary skills for the job.

We can, and do, monitor members who have applications that have been denied on the basis of not meeting clearly listed requirements. Subscriptions have been cancelled permanently based on this.

Application status

Mandy allows Premium members to check on the status of their applications made through the system. If an application has not been viewed, this is solely at the discretion of the employer concerned. We are unable to give a reason as to why this may be.