Views & Stats Policy

In order to put you in control of your career, we track each time your profile is viewed through our website. We track both views by other candidates, and from employers, service providers and unregistered members.

All your profile visitors can be seen on the dashboard:

As Mandy has been designed to help promote our members, your profile may be viewed by unregistered members. In this case we hide all your contact details (emails, telephone numbers, addresses) so whilst your credits and images are visible, your personal contact information remain safe.

Note: In order to protect your personal data online, please refrain from including your address or private contact details in the resumes you upload to the site.

Many profiles also appear in Google as this is a powerful way of promoting yourself. Should you wish to stop your profile appearing in the Google search engine please visit 'My account' -> Profile Settings.

Views by unregistered members are stored for one month, views by registered members are stored for six months. Any older views are automatically removed from our system on a weekly basis.