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VO "In The Kitchen"

VO "In The Kitchen"

  • Project Details
    Dipsea is currently looking for Scottish Male voices to play Chris in "In The Kitchen." Please submit an audition at the link below:

    Who we are:

    Dipsea is a female-founded startup behind the first audio platform for women’s sexual wellbeing. Our team is pioneering a new kind of sensorial audio storytelling that helps women tap into their inner sexual powers and awaken their most confident, invigorated selves. Our best stories feel real: they’re believable, they’re relatable, and that all depends on incredible voice talent.

    Acting style:

    The characters in our stories sound like real people –they should sound like YOU! Voice acting for Dipsea is a new art: it’s not commercial voice work, nor is it audiobook narration. It involves digging deep into your emotive ability, and using your own imagination to create the scene without any other actors present. Our stories go far beyond the sex scene: our characters have relationships that are safe, respectful and consensual.

    * VO should be natural and conversational, as though the character is talking directly to the listener, or saying their thoughts out loud. We want to feel like the actor is experiencing what the character is going through.

    * Dialogue should be natural and conversational as well. Improv, including laughter, interjections, and unique-to-you vocal expressions are welcome and encouraged.

    What we’ll need:

    * Auditions can be recorded remotely on your phone (or a home studio if you have one).

    Audition Process:

    * Because of the high volume of submissions, we are unable to offer individual feedback on auditions and will only be in touch if we choose to move forward with your audition.

    Rates and other details:

    * We are currently non-union and offer $200 per directed hour of studio time. Invoices are fulfilled on a net-30 basis via

    * Stories range in length from 10-20 minutes, typically limiting studio time to 2.5 directed hours for lead roles, and 1-1.5 directed hours for supporting roles.

    * All roles are anonymous.

    * If you have a solid home studio, we will connect with you remotely to direct you during the session. After the session, we request a raw, unedited .wav file from you.

    * If you don't have a home studio, we can usually source a local studio where you can record. In these instances, we will also tune in remotely to direct your studio session.
  • Production Type
    General Voiceover
  • Union Status
    Non Union
  • Dates & Location
    Ongoing and International
  • Closing Date
    30th Aug 2022