Real Giant Customers in Dmv Area
Jen Halpern Casting

Real Giant Customers in Dmv Area
Jen Halpern Casting

  • Project Details
    Giant Food Casting Call! Looking for Real Customers in the DC, MD, & VA areas for TV/Video Spot.
    Looking for people with funny, interesting or quirky stories to share:

    Shopper Who Loves Local Products: Loves that Giant supports local businesses and farms. That’s why they shop there. Enjoys giving back/contributing to the community.

    Customer Into Healthy Living: Someone who can tell the story of making a positive change to their lifestyle or health by shopping at Giant or working with a nutritionist or the Giant “Healthy Living Program”.

    Person Who Pretends to Cook: Shops at Giant for their pre-cooked food but takes credit for making it themselves with friends or family! Or someone who has thought about passing store bought food off as their own, or has done it once or twice.

    Pitmaster: Someone who takes great pride in their grilling/BBQ skills. They have competed in local BBQ contests - or think they are good enough to give it a shot - or are local pitmaster legends who love to talk about their food, recipes and how good it is!

    Video Submission: Keep it informal! 3-5 minutes. Please send in by Sept 28th.
    Send video to: [email protected]
    1: Name, age, and where do you live?
    2: What are some of your hobbies?
    For Shopper: Tell us what excites you about being able to do local shopping and what it means to you to help support local farms and businesses.
    For Healthy Living Customer: How has shopping at Giant or working with a nutritionist or using the Giant Healthy Living Program helped you achieve positive change with your health and wellness goals? Please tell us your story of success!
    Person who Pretends to Cook: Do you pretend you are a great cook to friends and family but really buying pre-cooked foods at Giant? Or have you thought about it? Please fill us in!
    For Pitmaster: Have you been in any local BBQ contests or how do your family or friends react to your BBQ? Is there a delicious recipe or great grilling story that stands out for you? How has Giant helped you achieve your BBQ goals?

    Pay Rate/Filming Dates:
    Rate: $3500 ($1000 for 12 hr. shoot day & $2500 usage). Films: DC area. Overnight expenses paid if traveling.

    Filming Dates: Oct. 25, 26, 27, 28. Please be avail all 4 days but will only be needed for one. Usage: Regional Paid Digital & Broadcast usage for up to 2 years. Non-exclusive.
  • Production Type
    Video Ad
  • Union Status
    Non Union
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
    Oct 25th, 26, 27, 28 in Washington DC
  • Closing Date
    4th Oct 2022