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Mockumentary Film

Mockumentary Film

  • Project Details
    I'm currently casting for my film. Looking for females 18-30 improv and stage experience would be great.
    Format: Short film
    Genre: Comedy-drama
    Length: 10 minutes

    This film will rely on improv so playful creative performances every character will be workshopped and built in collaboration with the actors.

    Links is a mockumentary about two men Ugdam and Femi both of whom have come out of long term relationships and have had their hearts broken. They are freshly navigating the dating scene with little to no luck.

    Three story pillars
    ● Getting over past relationships is challenging for Ugdum and Femi to do this after but they realize they must move on with their lives as it’s sabotaging their love life and life in general.
    ● Importance of a support system in this case Ugdam and Femi have a brotherly relationship and encourage each other as well as being each other’s accountability coaches.
    ● Building a healthy relationship with yourself. It’s very important to take care of your mental health and seek joy within yourself as a pose to any external validation. Both Ugdam and Femi needed to get to that point of not trying to hard get back into a romantic relationships after their previous ones and taking the time out to understand themselves better.
  • Production Type
    Feature Film
  • Union Status
  • Location
  • Dates & Location
  • Closing Date
    30th Nov 2022