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'Hell Dialogues'
Locus 29

'Hell Dialogues'
Locus 29

  • Project Details
    Seeking crew for "Hell Dialogues," an adaption of Sartre's "No Exit" with Plato's dialogues, immerses audiences in a world where three strangers find themselves trapped in a mysterious room, their souls eternally condemned to confront one another. In this metaphysical prison, their deepest fears, desires, and secrets are exposed, fueling a captivating exchange of ideas that challenges the very fabric of their existence. Production states: "Directed by visionary director Masha Kotlova this adaptation promises a mesmerizing theatrical experience that will leave you questioning the very essence of existence."
  • Production Type
    General Staff + Crew
  • Union Status
    Non Union
  • Location
    New York
  • Dates & Location
    Runs Oct. 30-Nov. 12 in NYC.
  • Closing Date
    12th Oct 2023