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    It all stated in February 1946.A handful of people, al lovers of theatre, met together to form the Moulton Players. aims were simple - to encourage people to use their dramatic talents for the entertainment of other and to provide a Senior Citizens Christmas Party for the village. (We still do!) The players have grown over the past 48 years. For many years productions were staged in the Man field Hall - a special stage was precariously erected for each production - until in 1972 when through the generosity of the late Sterry Ashby, one of his Long Barns at the Manor House was acquired and converted by the Players to form the Barn Theatre. Later a portable building was purchased for a foyer to provide a social and rehearsal area. A Lighting box was added. The dream of our own theatre had been realised. number, scope and quality of our productions increased;meetings and rehearsals were now independent of the bookings by other organisations at the Manfield Hall - a real freedom! Membership increased, a Youth Group was formed and we qualified for membership to the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain -an organisation setting high standards of amateur theatre.

    Moulton Players is now a well known and respected Midlands drama group. The youth Group flourishes and meets weekly; in recent years many of out members have shared their expertise with other groups.In the past 21 years we have stage over 130 productions. A wide range of plays by diverse playwright such as Shakespeare, Ayckbourn, Brecht,Miller,Rattigan,A A Milne, Coward and Shaw, as well as numerous pantomimes and musicals have been presented to enthusiastic audiences. The Moulton Players at the Barn Theatre have enjoyed providing quality live theatre to the community and the community enjoyed the theatre - a happy relationship a change of ownership of the land resulted in the lease of the Barn Theatre being discontinued.

    The Final curtain on the Barn theatre came down in March 1994. Fortune has been timely for the Players in that the village Methodist Chapel and schoolroom became available. The requisite planning permission for the rehabilitaion of this fine listed building has been given and existing funds were sufficient to complete and purchase and leave some in reserve. Considerable further finance will be needed for the renovation of the building but its role as a benefit to the community although changed, is secure. now face a mighty challenge to raise the funding to meet the ambition of creating a NEW MOULTON THEATRE
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    10 Cross Street
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