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    Brodsworth Hall was built in the 1860s in the Italianate style also favoured for Queen Victoria’s Osborne House, though furnished on a more comfortable and domestic scale. Much of its original scheme survives today, making it one of England’s most unaltered Victorian country houses. The gardens, a collection of ‘grand gardens in miniature’, have been restored to their Victorian splendour, reflecting the desires and aspirations of Victorian country gentry.

    The house was occupied in unbroken succession for 150 years by members of the Thellusson family and their accumulated impedimenta, a factor which lends it special charm.The last resident, the indomitable Sylvia Grant-Dalton, fought a losing battle against subsidence and leaking roofs for 56 years. Following her death in 1988, English Heritage made the bold but highly successful decision to conserve the interiors ‘as found’ rather than replacing or restoring them, recounting the tale of how a once opulent Victorian house grew comfortably old and inviting to all.

    Exhibitions offering an insight into life at Brodsworth include ‘Serving the House’,‘Family Life’,‘The Gardens’, and ‘Work and Play’.

    For garden lovers: The family gardens, a series of ‘grand gardens in miniature’, have been substantially restored since English Heritage took over management of the property in 1990: they are now a fine example of 1860s ‘gardening book’ design. Restoration work continues, revealing new features and opening up vistas last enjoyed before World War I. The original focus of the formal garden, the three-tiered Italian marble ‘Dolphin Fountain’, has recently been conserved, and now flows again for the first time in living memory.
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    South Yorkshire
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