St Ann's Well Gardens

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    Open Air Venue. Scented Walled Gardens.
    An oasis of shady peace on a hot summer afternoon. St Ann's Well Gardens, about half a mile from Hove Seafront, is a treat for the tree-lover and will appeal to young and old alike. In 2006, the Gardens were recognised with a Green Flag award.

    The park is probably most famous for its 'Chalybeate' (iron bearing) spring, later known as St Ann's Well. The Chalybeate spring is also the starting point of a ley line that continues over the Downs and beyond.

    In 1908, the authorities finally purchased the gardens for £10,000 and they were opened to the public on Empire Day in 1908.

    Features and Attractions
    St Ann's Well Gardens is home to a wide range of native and exotic trees. These give the gardens their unique character and provide shelter and tranquility for wildlife. Nature conservation has a high profile with designated fenced off areas, a streambed and a well stocked pond with a biological filter system.

    Another very popular feature unique to the area and undergoing improvement is the scented garden which caters for all visitors to the gardens but is particularly aimed at providing a sensory experience in a safe environment.

    Playground (seperate children and toddler areas)
    Bowls (1)
    Tennis (8)
    Cafe (under new management)
    Well stocked fish pond
    Sensory garden
    Conservation areas
    Dog free areas
    The parks is easily acessible by car or public transport. View map or local bus timetable information.
    Further Contacts
    For daily maintenance, contact Cityparks telephone (01273)293080 .

    For details on how to book the sports facilitie, contact Sports Bookings
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