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    Pleasance Edinburgh opened as part of the 1985 Festival Fringe with two theatres facing onto a deserted courtyard-come-car-park at an unfashionably eastern end of Edinburgh's old town. Twenty-one seasons later the Pleasance has become one of thPleasancee biggest and most highly respected venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with an international profile and a network of alumni that reads like a Who's Who of contemporary comedy, drama and entertainment.

    At the 2006 Festival Fringe the Pleasance celebrated its coming of age offering 20 theatre spaces ranging in size from 50-740 across two locations - the Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) and the Pleasance Dome (Venue 23). In excess of 270,000 people came through our doors to watch one of the 185 shows happening every day, or simply to take a breather with a drink or a snack at one of our 10 onsite cafes and bars. Given the all-day buzz and legendary atmosphere, it's no wonder that to many the Pleasance is the Fringe!

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    60 Pleasance
    EH8 9TJ
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Alexis Coward
2020, Winchester Geese
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Niamh Percy
Technical Stage Manager
2020, Sophie Duker: Venus
Stage Manager
Rachel Fenwick
2020, Peace, Fire
Denholm Spurr
2020, No Sweat
Christina Henne Holmbek
2020, Mustard Doesn't Go With Girls
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Daniel Clarkson
2020, Mr. Thing
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Eleanor Isherwood
Sound Designer
2020, Godot Is A Woman
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2020, Essentially Black WIP
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Amy Worthington
2020, DRINK
Ellie (Lead)
Michael Hajiantonis
2020, As You Like It
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Fumi Gomez
2020, Antarctica
Jodie Veronica Alma
2019, Witches Gets'
Alex Di Cuffa
2019, When Mum Swipes Right
Gemma Scott
Gemma Scott
Deputy Stage Manager
2019, Velvet
Stage Manager (on book)
Callum Wyles
Callum Wyles
Sound Designer
2019, VELVET
Sound Designer
Lily Burge
Lily Burge
Stage Manager
2019, Various at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Technical venue crew
Niamh Percy
Niamh Percy
Technical Stage Manager
2019, The Rebirth of Meadow Rain
Stage Manager
Beth Folan
Beth Folan
Assistant Stage Manager
2019, The Pleasance Edinburgh Fringe
Venue Techincal Crew