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    Over the last 65 years the ballroom has come to epitomise all that is Camden Town. The venue has a reputation for hosting top musical talent such as Oasis, U2, The Clash, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Public Enemy and many more and has a long association with Londons Irish music scene.
    The Ballroom was taken over in the late 1930's by Bill Fuller, A central figure in the music history of Camden Town. A rock n roll legend, Bill had a chain of Ballrooms covering England America and Ireland. His Venues became renowed all over the world as places for young Irish couples meet and fall in love. He took over the Ballroom, then known as the Buffalo club in a run down state and transformed it.

    Bill renovated the club and reopened it in 1938 as the carousel the venue became known as the Electric Ballroom in 1978. Bill still plays an active roll in it's running to this day and has a longing affection for the place "oh, i'll keep camden untill I move out of this world. it was my first place of my own that I had so I wouldnt dream of parting with it. Camden will never be sold."

    "Everyone in Jesus Jones would be sad to see demise of the Electric Ballroom and strongly opposes the idea. It's a great venue to play and a great venue to see bands,better than many others in Central London. The capital would suffer a big loss if it were to close."
    Mike Edwards, Jesus Jones

    "I will be really upset.Yes, its been difficult watching the transformation of Camden Town because of progress must run it's course- but when does it stop and where? And they are proposing a monstrous new tube station which will obliterate the Ballroom which is a shame."
    Suggs, Madness

    "The Electric Ballroom has housed gigs from the Clash,Sexpistols, Ian Dury , U2 and it is a momument to rock and roll...it will be very sad to see it go."
    Boy George

    "London Underground's proposals will destry landmarks, including Camden Market and Electric Ballroom this should not happen"
    Dame Judi Dench
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    184 Camden High Street
    NW1 8QP
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