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    he Hope and Anchor. It's 70's pub rock/punk history is very well documented as is it's involvement with Stiff Records and Elvis Costello/Clash manager Jake Riviera so we wont bang on about it at length in this forum. Suffice to say the term legendary is no exageration.

    Less is known of it's 80s squat punk era, but a valuable platform for incisive Hardcore combos from The Stupids to Rudimentary Peni was assured.

    Unfortunately when recession hit London and gentrification got Islington in it's limp but persuasive grip The Hope and Anchor was sidetracked into wine bar obscurity.

    However after a couple of years awaiting licences and good will Bugbear Bookings took the venue back into the frontline of the North London gig circuit in 1996 and has continued to host nights to this day,having previously showcased the likes of The Cooper Temple Clause, Hope of the States, The FutureHeads and Ash.

    The esteemed chaps who now give ye ArtRocker also got involved introducing a fine selection of U.S coolsters and Noodlecore beatniks (Tortoise, His Name Is Alive et al) and co-promoting a legendary Jon Spencer Blues Explosion gig with Bugbear.

    The esteemed songwriters showcase that is Big Note continues to provide an excellent contrast to Bugbear's punk-funk ethos and at Neon on tuesdays you can check out the best in punk/metal/alternativeness..

    With it's low, low ceiling ,drum sound friendly brick back drop and you-can-see-up-the-singer's-nose punk rock vibe The Hope and Anchor is a fantastic gig. There will be a refurb in the near future and a big re-opening event, so keep hitting bookbugbearbookings.com for details.

    And now rocking a fantastic sound c/o one of the biggest and baddest Pas in Londinium, The Hope and Anchor really is the place to be for the discerning Islington punter.
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    207 Upper Street
    N1 1RL
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