Pacific Road Arts Centre

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    Pacific Road Arts Centre was a former transit warehouse dating back to the early 19 th century. Many believe it was formerly the Lairidge. Purchased from the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board in the 1980's the building has had several uses. It housed a large collection of council buses and heritage vehicles for many years and the trams for the current Heritage Trail operating between Woodside Ferry and Taylor Street depot are powered from the building.

    TowerIn the 1990's the Hamilton Quarter, one of the first organisations set up to initiate, direct and manage European and SRB funded regeneration projects in this particular area of Birkenhead began to utilise the building for some of their arts projects. At this time the building had been earmarked as the site for a large transport museum. Shortly after this it was decided that the building should assume a duel role - half becoming a performance space, the other a museum. Money was invested in the theatre side of the building, providing seating and state of the art sound and lighting system. One of the major architectural designs in the museum half of the building was the recreation of a Victorian street scene which provided rows of shop fronts - expected to house exhibitions and really enhance and bring alive the museum to its visitors. Unfortunatey, a lottery bid was turned down in the late 1990's and the work to the museum had to be curtailed.
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    Pacific Road
    CH41 1LJ

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