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    he Priory School is a Voluntary Aided Church of England School. We are a co-educational comprehensive school catering for students of all abilities in the 11-19 age range. We aim to provide the highest quality teaching and learning and Therefore expect the highest standards of work and behavior. We place great emphasis on our relationships with parents as support at home does much to aid each student's progress.
    A significant strength of the school is that it is a church school where all our students are known as individuals. The school ethos allows us to have the highest quality relationships between students, parents and teachers. The effectiveness of these relationships allows us to achieve the very best for every student.
    As a Church of England School we work within the framework of Christian principles.

    * We respect the beliefs of others.
    * We value each student as a unique individual.
    * We strive for the highest standards.
    * We provide a disciplined working environment.
    * We care for every individual.

    Our aims

    The school aims to provide, within a Christian framework, an educational environment which encourages students to become confident, competent, self-reliant and happy members of society, fully prepared for adult life and the world of work. To this end the school seeks:

    * To promote the highest standards of academic achievement, motivation and behavior among students.
    * To effectively deliver the National Curriculum and Religious Education in accordance with County policy.
    * To encourage each individual child to develop his or her talents to the full.
    * To promote mutual respect and consideration among members of the school community so that each feels valued. Implicit in this is the provision of truly equal opportunities for all.
    * To foster an awareness and appreciation of moral values and attitudes.
    * To foster in our students creative, lively and enquiring minds with the ability to question and argue rationally.
    * To promote an awareness of and involvement in the local and wider world community and understanding of other races, religions and cultures.
    * To promote an awareness of our place in, dependency on, and respect for the world environment.

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