Rising Sun Arts Centre

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    We involve volunteers in all aspects of the Centres work, and try to devolve decision making downwards to include as many people as possible, encouraging people to take as much responsibility within the Rising Sun as is appropriate to their interests. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and take steps to provide people whose access to the arts is limited with options for becoming involved in the work of the Centre. People are involved in response to their own creative interests.

    People get involved with our work as performers, artists, or promoters, by taking part in classes or workshops, by becoming involved in one of our participatory arts projects or by helping to run the Centre itself.

    Some projects the centre are intended to provide people with the skills and confidence to run events for themselves. This also gives people the skills they need to contribute to the running of the centre as a whole. We are keen to develop projects which bring in a range of people from different backgrounds and with a range of abilities.

    We aim to ensure that we work with high levels of accountability, inclusivity and sustainability. We actively encourage democracy and accessibility to decision making and are keen to investigate more effective ways of doing this and promoting a clear and shared vision of the Centres aims and values.
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    26-30 Silver Street
    RG1 2ST

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