Mama Stones

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    The Mama Stone's concept is an innovative approach to combining the art of making music and the development of tomorrow’s talent, coupled with the front line of delivering live music and entertainment to our audience.
    Our Vision
    Our vision has been Inspired by 'back in the day' artists responsible for all that we listen to today in popular music; A time when great music was created - not by the giant record company executives but by talented musicians playing together for the love of it, a time when honest records were made in the back room of Jazz cafes, when musicians jammed together one minute and laid it down the next. Mama Stone's has been created in homage to those times, and as such has become a meeting place for many musicians in the South West, as well as many young aspiring artists who want to hone their craft. Mama Stone’s will be bringing to the stage international, national and local artists.
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    Mary Arches Street
    EX4 3BA

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