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    Designed by Gareth Hoskins Architects, Platform is a unique complex building which bridges the gap between John Wheatley College and the Swimming Pool. Platform is the hub of a new cultural campus known as The Bridge which includes includes John Wheatley College, Platform, Easterhouse Library & Learning Centre and the Swimming Pool.

    Spanning three streets with an entrance on each one, Platform is situated in the main thoroughfare in Easterhouse. The design is based on a gently sloping public street that runs from the Swimming Pool through Platform, into the library and connects with John Wheatley College.
    The streetscape design encourages free movement around all the facilities and the use of the building to move between the streets it is situated on. There is barrier free movement throughout the building with cascading ramps linking different levels of the building instead of stairs.

    Platform has a very distinctive appearance; the timber cladbox and six silver chimneys on the roof make it easily distinguishable. Equally as impressive is the attached triangular library composed mostly of glass.
    Unlike traditional arts buildings, this build includes a large number of glass walls as well as 20 skylights in the library ceiling enabling the light to flood in. At each entrance to the building glass is very prominent;the studio theatre's large "TV Screen" window looking out onto Bogbain Road, the glass wall of the Cafe onto the car park at Westerhouse Road as well as the glass front on Wardie Road all show the activities taking place in the building to those outside.
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    The Bridge
    1000 Westerhouse Road
    G34 9JW
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