School Of Sound Recording

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    Welcome to SSR, where we provide expert technical training in the field of sound and vision. Our programmes range from short weekend courses to full 3-year degrees and include tuition in Audio Engineering, Live Sound Engineering, Post Production Audio , Electronic Music Production, Video Production and Radio Production. We have 25 years of experience and are one of the most forward thinking, industry-focused and networked training organisations in the world.
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    65 - 69 Downing Street
    M1 7JE
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    +44 (0)161 276 2111
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Members of Mandy who have worked for School Of Sound Recording

  • John Doull
    John Doull · Voice Over
    • Actors UK
    • Newcastle Brown Ale
    • Aynoa Short Films
  • John Horrocks
    John Horrocks · Sound recorder, sound mixer, sound editor and sound producer.
    • Music UK
    • Diary of a Bad Daughter
    • Debs Gatenby
  • Susanna Amato
    Susanna Amato · Busy Working Mum
    • Actors UK
    • NHS Caring Together
    • People's Voice Media
  • Tarrick Wilks
    Tarrick Wilks · Studio Assistant
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • School Of Sound Recording