Newhaven Fort

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    Offering the perfect family day out, there is so much to explore at Newhaven Fort, including the vast, echoing tunnels built into the chalk cliffs. Experience a sense of freedom in this 10-acre site as you stroll along the ramparts and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the South Downs and Sussex Coast. The cliff-top gun emplacements are sure to fire any imagination!

    This scheduled ancient monument tells the story of life in a Victorian Fortress and the on-site military museum demonstrates Newhaven Fort's role through two World Wars. Sit in our recreated "Blitz street shelter simulation and experience how it would have felt being caught in a real air- raid (although the comforting narration reminds everyone that fortunately, on this occasion, it's completely safe!)"
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    Fort Road
    BN9 9DS

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