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    New College is one of the largest Oxford colleges, with some 400 undergraduates and nearly 200 graduates. It is, like all Oxford colleges, an autonomous, self-governing institution.

    The governing body consists of the Warden (the head of the College) and Fellows, with both undergraduate and graduate students represented. Most Fellows of the College are both College Tutors and University Lecturers in the subjects which are taught here. Others are University Professors and Junior Research Fellows who do not engage in tutorial teaching. They take part in the intellectual life of the College however, and their presence is particularly valuable for many of our graduate students.

    The College occupies a very attractive site near the centre of Oxford. The front quadrangle, dining hall, chapel and cloisters were built within a few years of the College's foundation; this was the first time that an entire scheme had been built in this way, and it formed a model for later colleges. Over the centuries some reconstruction and much new building has taken place. In the 19th century there was a great expansion of rooms for undergraduate students, and in the 1960s a new building for graduate students was added to the main site. More recently, the original Morris Garages, which are within the College's perimeter, have been converted to provide attractive undergraduate accommodation. In 1995 a new residential building for graduates was opened on the Sports Ground site, five minutes walk from the main College.
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    Holywell Street
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