Library Theatre

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    Being a live art, theatre is constantly changing, just as the context in which it happens changes.

    For the first twenty-odd years of its existence, the Library Theatre was often the only serious producer of drama in Manchester.

    Now it is one of several venues in a city which has seen a remarkable growth of capacity (and audiences) in the last twenty-five years.

    As it looks forward to the next fifty, the Company is confident that it will continue to bring to the citizens of Manchester and the North West the best contemporary plays, and the relevant modern classics, that have something to say about the world we live in.

    There is excellent parking nearby when visiting the Library Theatre.

    You can use the NCP Car Parks at GMEX opposite the Bridgewater Hall and when travelling from the south of the city, on Oxford Street, at the junction with Great Bridgewater Street. Both are just a 5-minute walk from the theatre.
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    Central Library
    St Peter's Square
    M2 5PD
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    0161 236 7110

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