The Lion and Unicorn

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    "The Giant Olive Theatre Company looks after the bill at this intimate pub theatre with Founder and artistic director George Sallis at the helm. The emphasis is on new work and in-house productions - in fact, The Giant Olive is so keen to cultivate talent, it runs theatre workshops (the cutely named Little Olives) for children as young as six. There are also classes for adults and community projects for its Kentish Town locals." Lion and Unicorn Theatre review in TimeOut

    New theatre company Giant Olive has taken up residency at North London fringe venue, the Lion and Unicorn Theatre.

    A grand Victorian pub on the corner of an imposing street in Kentish Town would naturally incline you to imagine gastropub resides within.

    Giant Olive also aims to stage contemporary plays, in the hope that the Lion & Unicorn will act as a springboard for writers, performers and directors.
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    42-44 Gaisford Street
    Kentish Town
    NW5 2ED
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Members of Mandy who have worked for The Lion and Unicorn

  • David Brady
    David Brady · Director
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • "In the case of Goldilocks.." (Far Cry Scratch)
    • Far Cry Theatre
  • Amber Lickerish
    Amber Lickerish · D (ensemble)
    • Actors UK
    • zerohundredhours
    • From/a/basement Theatre Collective
  • Amali Jazeel
    Amali Jazeel · Laverne
    • Actors UK
    • The Planner
    • K&J
  • Stephanie Dickson
    Stephanie Dickson · Clara
    • Actors UK
    • The Ethicals
    • Actors Awareness
  • Kevin Russell
    Kevin Russell · Director
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • The Comedies Scaffolding and Cheating by Harry Ter Haar
    • Glass Half Full Theatre
  • Amali Jazeel
    Amali Jazeel · Clara
    • Actors UK
    • Shades
    • K&J
  • Durassie Kiangangu
    Durassie Kiangangu · Voicer for Laurent Clerc
    • Actors UK
    • Movement of the Soul
    • Dreamatorium Theatre
  • Aimee Kember
    Aimee Kember · Role B
    • Actors UK
    • Like You Hate Me
    • Fight or Flight Productions
  • Adi Loya
    Adi Loya · Dina
    • Actors UK
    • Jew You Love Me
    • The JEWish Cabaret
  • Abbi Douetil
    Abbi Douetil · Clare
    • Actors UK
    • In The Case Of Goldilocks Vs The Bear Family
    • Far Cry Theatre
  • Ross Kernahan
    Ross Kernahan · Charlie
    • Actors UK
    • In The Case Of Goldilocks vs The Bear Family
    • Far Cry Theatre
  • Rosie-Lea Sparkle
    Rosie-Lea Sparkle · Emma
    • Actors UK
    • Mountview Graduates
  • Claire Lowrie
    Claire Lowrie · Olivia
    • Actors UK
    • Hold On For Happiness
    • Far Cry Theatre
  • Yasser Kayani
    Yasser Kayani · Multiple Characters/Writer
  • Tabitha Sylvester-Kilroy
    Tabitha Sylvester-Kilroy · Technical Stage Manager
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • Hatch Scratch Taboo : new writing night 9 plays
    • RoundPeg Theatre Company
  • David Brady
    David Brady · Executive Producer, Writer, Script Editor
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • Feel More
    • Proforca Theatre Company
  • Colin Hubbard
    Colin Hubbard · Nick
    • Actors UK
    • Feel
    • Profoça Theatre
  • Anthony Fagan
    Anthony Fagan · Jamie
    • Actors UK
    • Feel
    • Proforca Theatre
  • Alma Reising
    Alma Reising · Headteacher Mrs Brown
    • Actors UK
    • Falconbridge
    • Bashir Productions
  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith · Performer (solo show)
    • Actors UK
    • Dog/Actor
    • Threedumb Theatre