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    The Market Theatre is a small scale professional theatre which, through the very nature of its size, is not subject to the crippling financial overheads of much larger provincial theatres. The theatre's artistic policy works along the following lines:

    Heavy emphasis on new work by new writers. To provide a professional platform for the production of new plays by established and unknown writers.

    A Repertory Company with a mixture of relatively inexperienced yet fully trained professionals working alongside successful working actors.
    Performances every week running Thursday to Saturday.

    Performances lasting between 50 and 80 minutes. This will enable a commercial liaison between the theatre and the local bars, pubs and restaurants.
    Thursday will be "Cheap Night".
    Concessionary priced tickets for students and senior citzens.
    Every weekend "Kids Theatre Club"
    Christmas "Kids Theatre" with performances aimed specifically at 4-9 year olds.

    A mixed programme designed to respond to and stimulate the theatrical tastes of the community.
    Making "Live" theatre more accessible to all areas and ages of the community.

    80% of productions will be produced by the Market Theatre Company, and 20% by visiting small-scale companies.
    The studio and theatre used to provide classes for the general public whenever possible.

    50% of the theatre's policy creating a new kind of venue for the profession and the other 50% providing a theatrical centre for the community.
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    6a Sun Street
    SG5 1AE
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    01462 433553

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