Stafford Castle

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    This prominent vantage point and strategic site was quickly recognised by the Normans, who built a huge timber fortress here by 1100 AD.

    Originally built by Robert de Toeni, (later known as Robert of Stafford), in the Norman period, Stafford Castle has dominated the local skyline for over 900 years.

    In the years shortly after the Norman invasion of 1066, William the Conqueror is believed to have ordered defenses to be built against a still hostile and rebellious native community.

    The fortunes of the castle and its owners, the Stafford family, fluctuated greatly.

    The Visitor Centre has an audio visual display which tells the history of the castle; hands on items including arms, armour and costumes; a timeline to put the history of the castle into a national context; a display area with a changing programme of exhibitions and exhibits; and the opportunity to try your hand at coin minting and brass rubbing.
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    Visitor Centre
    Newport Road
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