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    With roots in the Stanislavski system and a mission to create a coherent, working method for actors and directors, the Academy has rapidly established itself as a centre of excellence.

    acting and directing school production, directing course graduation playThe Academy has an international profile and attracts dedicated students from complete novices to established actors & directors.

    Our courses offer the most thorough and complete grounding for a profession in acting and directing for theatre, film, television & radio.

    The reason for setting up the Academy was to find, if possible, criteria for looking at art in general and acting & directing in particular.

    This means having points of reference for tutors and students so they can compare their judgements and decisions. This led to the name 'Science of Acting'.

    The term 'Science of Acting' comes from the English actress Ellen Terry (1848-1928).

    She, like so many others, felt the need for the knowledge that would make good actors. Gordon Craig said, 'Art arrives only by design.'
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