The London Dungeon

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    Transport yourself back to the darkest moments in the capital's history within the deep depths of the London Dungeon.

    Live actors, shows, two rides and interactive special effects ensure that you face your fears head on in this unique ninety minute experience.

    Everything that you see is based on real historical events from Jack the Ripper, to the Great Fire of London, torture and the plague.

    Now with two scary rides the London Dungeon provides a thrilling and fun experience that will leave you screaming for more! Are you brave enough?

    Hold onto your stomach as you enter the filthy makeshift operating room of Tooley Street's blundering Butcher-Surgeon.

    The street where history's most horrific blood soaked surgery is performed in graphic, gangrenous detail.. on even the most unwilling of patients!

    New for 2009 - Surgery: Blood & Guts
  • Address
    28-34 Tooley Street
    London Bridge
    SE1 2SZ
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