The Duchess

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    We opened in July 2008 but the operators and promoters here previously owned, managed and ran Fibbers from it's inception in August 1992 until May 2008. So you just know it's going to be good :o)

    Traditional real ale (Theakstons XB at the moment), super-chilled Kronenbourg and Fosters, John Smith's Smooth, Strongbow plus the usual premium ciders and enough Jack Daniels to sink your average touring band. And that can be a lot. There are drinks offers eg 4 x btls Fosters £5.50; large Sambuca £2.20; double up any spirit for an extra £1. Patrons are reminded to drink responsibly.

    Burgers, nachos, fajitas, wraps, chilli dogs, chicken wings, onion rings, breads, cheese 'n' fries, monster sandwiches, vegetarian options (eat somewhere else.. Just kidding), salads, indulgent puddings and a whole bunch of other stuff we're putting together. All in regular or Greedy B*****d portion sizes.

    If you are, or appear to be, under 21 we will always ask for ID. There are no exceptions, sorry.

    ID is always required to purchase alcohol and we only accept a valid and current Driving Licence (full or provisional), Passport or PASS scheme cards. No scans or photocopies. You will have to be handstamped or wristbanded, sorry, so we can conform to our licence and staff are able to identify under-18s.
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    Stonebow House
    The Stonebow
    North Yorkshire
    YO1 7NP

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2015, The One
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Ella Dixon
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2014, Itchy Feet York
Regional Promotion Manager
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Adam Bolland
2014, Bakersfeild Mist Fit up
Skilled Production Worker/carpenter