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    The public area of the building is on two levels. On the entrance level is a large reception area, which houses the Box Office and Coffee Bar, and the Sanctuary, which provides a 110 seater space suitable for all types of theatre. There are public toilets on this level.

    On the lower level is a studio space seating approximately 105. This level also contains our offices, and changing rooms (including toilets but not showers).

    There is reasonable access to both performance spaces for loading sets, etc., but storage is limited. However, having said this, we anticipate that all companies should be able to store their props/set on the premises providing requirements are reasonable. There is a rear door onto Merchant Street for loading/unloading of vehicles, but parking is not permitted (single yellow line). Note that all props / items of set for the studio will have to be carried either up or down stairs. Most of the storage available for companies using the Sanctuary is on the balcony level of the church so, again, props and set will have to be carried up and down stairs.

    Both spaces are accessible: there is a ramp available to enter the buiding from the street, and from there into the Sanctuary (including most of the stage and wings) is level access. There is a wheelchair lift to the lower level, leading into the studio on a raised part of the seating rake.
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    41 George IV Bridge
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