Kings College

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    Kings College is a well known university of London.
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    WC2R 2LS

Connected Mandy members:

Tebraiz Shahzad
2019, Psyched Up
Various Characters suffering from mental health conditions
Daniel James-Ball
2019, Medical Roleplay - GP training
GP Patient
Myrto Katsoulidou
2019, Las Bicicletas Son Para Verano
Manolita- Supporting Actress
Hannah Cecily
2019, King's College roleplay
office worker
Henry Kombert
2019, Hamlet
Nathan Hubble
2019, Blades
Connor (Villain)
Sian Francis
Sian Francis
2018, Xeroderma Pigmentosum
Preslav Shipkaliev
2018, The Case: Closed - Omar's Death
Isabella Hubbard
Isabella Hubbard
Admin Assistant
2018, National Theatre Live
Marketing and Administrative Assistant
Daniel James-Ball
2018, Medical Roleplay - GP training
GP Patient
Astrid Maslen
2018, Informed Consent
Various patients
Tebraiz Shahzad
2018, Extreme Psychiatry Kings College Summer School
Muhammad Hussain (Psychosis)
Rebecca Hutchins
2018, Extreme Psychiatry
Multiple Roles - Mental Health Patient
Tebraiz Shahzad
2018, Extreme Psychiatry
Various Characters suffering from Mental Health Conditions
Sid Akbar Ali
2018, Blackstone Tutors
HCA Toby
Catherine Breheny
2017, Kings College London
Rick Leigh
Rick Leigh
2017, Kings College Chapel Choir - Choral Scholar
Tenor Choral Scholar
Patrick O'Sullivan
2017, Jenny, Star of the Galaxies
Tebraiz Shahzad
2017, Extreme Psychiatry
Various Patients suffering from Mental Health conditions
Steven Ticehurst
Steven Ticehurst
Stage Manager
2016, The Humour of John Swabber
Assistant Stage Manager