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    Doris Day by E V Crowe
    Wed August 24th - Sat August 27th 2011 7.30pm
    Tickets £6/£5 Concession. Ticket Reservations: 0114 2728074
    We present a mixed evening of entertainment for the Bank Holiday. In Doris Day two young women graduates join the Metropolitan Police. Daisy and Anna have little in common. But they develop a mutual dependency that shelters behind rough bravado. The false face they present to the world may deceive their colleagues but also hides their own hopes and fears. The dialogue is sharp, coarse at times, echoing the male dominated world into which they are trying to fit.

    In the first half of the evening Evie Farrah (Stephanie Chloe Simpson) who plays Daisy will be performing excerpts from her popular burlesque act. Balinda Wilkinson (Anna), a recent graduate of The Arden School of Theatre, will also perform some of her favourite pieces.
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    1 Hereford St
    S1 4PR

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Balinda Wilkinson
2012, Acting For Audition Workshop
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Balinda Wilkinson
2011, Doris Day