Only Connect Theatre

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    OC is a creative arts company for prisoners, ex-offenders and young people at risk of crime. We work with some of the most creative - and challenging - people in the criminal justice system, the ones with natural charisma and big impact: those with the potential to be leaders in our society. Our vision is of reformed ex-offenders using their experiences of crime and punishment to help the next generation avoid the mistakes they made - giving young people a better future, redeeming their own lost years, and making London safer for everyone.

    Our members produce and perform in arts projects including theatre, film and music. Art reaches the heart, engaging people who have struggled in conventional education but who have a talent for expression. Creative projects require all the disciplines of life - teamwork, working towards a goal, taking direction, inhabiting roles - in a non-formal setting with an emphasis on personal discovery. And the experience of performance itself, with the pressure, attention and triumph involved in standing vulnerable before an audience, is transformative.
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    32 Cubitt Street
    WC1X 0LR
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