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    The Octagon was built in 1974 and opened as a multi purpose hall (The Johnson Hall). Within the first few years it became apparent that the venue was both more suitable and successful at staging performances than any of the other activities (ballroom dances, exhibitions, etc.) for which it was intended.

    From the outset the Johnson Hall became home to Yeovil Amateur Operatic Society who have regularly presented two musical productions each year.

    The Johnson Hall under construction

    Another early user who has maintained their relationship with The Octagon up to the present day is the Yeovil Temple Salvation Army whose annual Christmas Carol services become ever more popular.

    In 2003 the Octagon was refurbished and extended.

    A new rehearsal studio was created on the ground floor, whilst on the first floor space was added to the bar and cafe areas.

    The auditorium was re-seated and even the structure on which the seating stands was replaced. Creating large new storage areas and ensuring greater comfort for theatregoers.
    Adjacent to the bar a new decked terrace has been created which overlooks the country park.
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