Paradise in the Vault

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    Paradise in The Vault has been running since 2007 and consists of two purpose-built theatre spaces which provide the perfect setting for imaginative and original works. Beautiful, atmospheric and intimate, The Vault has become popular with performers and audiences alike.

    Situated in the lowest level of Augustine United Church, features of the vaulted basements have been incorporated into the design to create truly unique theatre spaces. The permanent nature of the conversion means that the facilities and comfort are of a standard not usually found in a Fringe venue.

    Owing to the idiosyncratic way Edinburgh's Old Town has grown up, Paradise in The Vault has a different venue number, postal address and entrance to its sister venue Paradise in Augustine's.

    Tucked away next to the back entrance to the Sheriff's Courts, the Vault space has a street level entrance and a lift for those patrons with reduced mobility. The Annexe space has restricted access - there are some steps into the auditorium space.
  • Address
    11 Merchant Street
    EH1 2QD
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Members of Mandy who have worked for Paradise in the Vault

  • Miranda Evans
    Miranda Evans · Dana
    • Actors UK
    • The B in the Room
    • UCL Runaround
  • Cyril Blake
    Cyril Blake · Bob
    • Actors UK
    • Shirley; Or the Inexplicable Question of God's Actions
    • CF Collective
  • Natalie Pailing
    Natalie Pailing · Brian
    • Actors UK
    • Shirley, or the inexplicable question of God's actions
    • Caritas Films
  • Suzy Oxenham
    Suzy Oxenham · Sharon Stone as Catherine Trammell / Mary Poppins
    • Actors UK
    • Was it Good For You?
    • Bareback Productions
  • Sean Langtree
    Sean Langtree · Albert Ogilvy
    • Actors UK
    • Vichy Goings-On
    • RFT
  • Dawn Meadowcroft
    Dawn Meadowcroft · Technician
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • The Magic Show
    • Eddie Farmer - Magician
  • Henry Horn
    Henry Horn · DSM/ Technician
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • Pharmocophilla
    • Fractal Distraction
  • Amelia Brown
    Amelia Brown · Director
    • Actors UK
    • Touch Therapy
    • Somewhere Outside the City
  • Hannah Margerison
    Hannah Margerison · Sarah
    • Actors UK
    • Sheltered
    • Bellyfeel Theatre Company
  • Lucy Oglesby
    Lucy Oglesby · Marina
    • Actors UK
    • Pizza Delique
    • Odds On Productions
  • Hannah Raymond-Cox
    Hannah Raymond-Cox · Mary
    • Actors UK
    • Patriots
    • Mermaids Performing Arts Fund
  • Felix Grainger
    Felix Grainger · Multiple Roles
    • Actors UK
    • Foxtrot- at the Fringe
    • Felix Culpa Productions
  • Harriet Ghost
    Harriet Ghost · Lilian
    • Actors UK
    • Spoonful of Honey (Edinburgh Fringe)
    • Keelrow Productions
  • Sophy Dexter
    Sophy Dexter · Phoebe
    • Actors UK
    • Party
    • Lyons Productions
  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson · Director
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • Bear Hug by Rory Mackenzie
    • Mermaids
  • Georgie Matthews
    Georgie Matthews · Multirole
    • Actors UK
    • A Midsummer Night's Dream: Two Tired
    • No Friends Theatre Company
  • Theo Harrison
    Theo Harrison · Brian
    • Actors UK
    • The Noctambulist
    • Raving Mask
  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson · Director
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • Newton's Cauldron by Tim Foley
    • The Catherine's Club
  • Felix O'Leary
    Felix O'Leary · Controller
    • Actors UK
    • In Control
    • Airborne Theatre
  • Declan Cooke
    Declan Cooke · Tom