St Clements Hospital

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    'In 2012, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson made history by creating the first Urban Land Community Trust in London.'

    St Clements - a former workhouse and psychiatric unit, in the heart of Mile End - this December once again becomes the staging ground for the formiable Shuffle Festival.

    A community focused initiative, first curated by Danny Boyle in August 2013, the Shuffle Festival is raising the profile of St Clements and striving towards the education of its heritage and value for the people of Mile End.

    The artistic community involved in the project, hope to establish this historical site as a new Arts & Science Venue for London.
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    2A Bow Road
    Mile End
    E3 4LL
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Members of Mandy who have worked for St Clements Hospital

  • Bethany Clenton
    Bethany Clenton · Set Design Assistant
    • Theatre Professionals UK
    • Winter Shuffle Festival
    • Winter Shuffle Festival
  • Oliver Hewett
    Oliver Hewett · Ant & Ensemble
    • Actors UK
    • The Players Lab
    • The Planktonic Players
  • Craig J Simons
    Craig J Simons · David/Dr. Jones
    • Actors UK
    • Shuffle Festival: Players Lab
    • Planktonic Players