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    The Prince Charles Cinema has existed in its current incarnation since 1991 (in previous lives it was a West End Theatre and a film-house of ill repute!).

    The only non-subsidised repertory cinema in the UK, we do not receive funding from the Arts Council, the Lottery or any other body.

    We act independently in our dealings with all film distribution companies.

    We have operated our low ticket pricing policies since 1991 and have a loyal base of regular customers. The PCC community!

    In 2000, we were extremely excited to complete a much needed and discussed refurbishment of the Prince Charles!

    For those of you who haven't been down to visit in the past few years, when you do you will be delighted to see our new sexy red auditorium and our Kill Bill Bar, with even more choices than ever for thirsty Prince Charles goers.

    We are constantly revising our programming policy to ensure we always give you, our customers, the best value for money.

    The Prince Charles Cinema is located at 7 Leicester Place, WC2 - just north off Leicester Sq & up from Häagen-Dazs.
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    7 Leicester Place
    Leicester Square
    WC2H 7BY
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    0870 8112559
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