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    Created by artist Aidan Shingler, this 21st century stone circle and celestial amphitheatre inspires, entertains, engages and educates.
    The StarDisc spans 12 metres. Carved into black granite is a star chart that mirrors the northern hemisphere’s night sky. The surface of the stone circle is inscribed with the constellations, their names, and a depiction of the Milky Way. Black stone has been chosen to evoke the darkness of deep space. Contrasting with the star chart is a perimeter of silver granite on which 12 seats are positioned. The seats denote the months of the year. By night, 72 lights illuminate the StarDisc, powered by our nearest star - the Sun.

    The StarDisc was launched on September 10th 2011. From conception to birth it had taken six years. One thousand well-wishers attended the opening celebrations which included an outdoor screening of Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind and a specially recorded message from astronomer Patrick Moore.
    The StarDisc commands stunning views over the Ecclesbourne Valley and is open to anyone and everyone, 24hrs a day, all year round.
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    Stoney Wood
    DE4 4EN

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