Wow Cafe Theater

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    Wow Cafe Theater is a black box theater in the heart of the cultural district of the East Village. It is a collectively run theater space for women and transgender people. We come together to keep the space alive and help each other put up whatever shows producers want to produce. There is no staff, it is an open collective organized anarchically for over 30 years.
    We have adequate lighting at present, slowly improving with occasional influxes of attention, we have a projector and a screen, we have decent speakers and microphones for music events, folding chairs for the audience. If you are a woman or a transgender person in or near New York City, come join us at 6:30pm any Tuesday evening for our weekly collective meeting and start getting involved!
  • Address
    59-61 E4th St
    4th Floor

Connected Mandy members:

Soleidy Mendez
2016, Hans My Hermaphroditic Hedgehog
King Drumph, King Paolo, King Lee Roi Troi Troi & Narrator
Miriam Eusebio
Miriam Eusebio
2011, Happy Days, Asshole Differential, Faces . . . Voices, Hidden: A Gender
Collective Member/Director