The Basement

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    The Leicester Square Theatre is London's newest theatre. We're kicking off in style with a programme that hits the highest notes, and a season that really reflects the sort of entertainment we want to see (and we think you want to see) in the West End. It's tempting for us to call this a revolution - so we're going to. We hope you'll come down soon to see exactly what we're talking about.

    We're looking forward to christening the beautiful main house, with unique, newly-installed Oscar seating as well as two bars in the auditorium, and the intimate Basement @ Leicester Square Theatre is taking shape nicely downstairs - we've spent the summer programming the theatre with some truly legendary names, and we're bringing some of our favourite shows and artists in London here. The list is certainly not restricted to the big names on the front cover - we think it's important (and exciting, too) to bring in brilliant up-and-coming artists, and the cult names of the underground, You won't recognise all the names in the brochure - but you'll certainly be hearing more from them soon.
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    Leicester Square Theatre
    5 Leicester Place
    WC2H 7BX
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    0870 899 3335
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