St Paul's Church

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    We are located in the busy West End of London and as well as being the Parish Church of Covent Garden, we are also affectionately known as "The Actors' Church" because of our long association with the theatre community.

    This beautiful church, built by Inigo Jones, has been here since 1633 and we are also proud to have an attractive churchyard where people can rest and find some peace and quiet in what can be a stressful and busy part of the city.

    We now have a Sunday School which meets in the vestry on most Sundays of the year.

    Come along and see if it is for you.

    We have regular worship, concerts, literary and theatrical events, and seek to further conversation and local partnerships wherever possible and in whatever ways we can.

    MONDAY to FRIDAY: 8:30am - 5:30pm
    SATURDAY: see Calendar for opening times
    SUNDAY: 9am - 1pm (5pm when there is evensong)
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    Covent Garden
    Bedford Street
    WC2E 9ED
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    020 7836 5221

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