Northern Stage

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    Northern Stage is the largest producing theatre company in the North East of England, and we are very pleased that we are regarded as one of the top-ten UK producing theatres.

    We have built a reputation for visually driven productions that attract new, young audiences including Son of Man, Thumbelina and The Little Prince. We have always toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe, and last year our Participation team worked on On Top of The Town, a joint international production with groups of British and Dutch teenagers, which you can read more about here.

    Besides producing our own work, we are dedicated to presenting the best in local, national and international theatre. Our Chief Executive, Erica Whyman, is excited about building partnerships with companies and practitioners throughout the UK and beyond. We are currently considering how stronger links can be created with South African theatre and how our existing links with companies such as the Maly of St Petersburg can be continued.
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    Barras Bridge
    NE1 7RH
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    +44(0)191 230 5151
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Paul (Monologue from Motortown by Simon Stephens)
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Rowena Gray
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Matthew Tuckey
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Nicola Morris
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2019, A Christmas Carol