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    Probably the world’s most famous zoo, ZSL London Zoo has been entertaining and delighting groups since it opened to the public in 1847. With over 720 animal species, exciting and innovative new exhibits and heritage-listed buildings almost as famous as their inhabitants it’s a great day out in the capital for groups of all ages and sizes.
    A must-see at the Zoo is the new Penguin Beach. Open in 2011, Penguin Beach recreates a South American beach landscape in the heart of London, with stunning colonies of over 100 Macaroni and Humboldt penguins.
    The new exhibit features a larger pool with underwater viewing areas so you can see how our flippered friends fly under the waves. And a larger demonstration area with covered seating turns feeding time into an even bigger spectacle than before!
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    Outer Circle
    Regent's Park
    NW1 4RY

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Tobias Peppersack
2019, ZSL London ZooNights 2019
Zoe Turnbull
Zoe Turnbull
2019, London Zoo Nights
Joshua Palmer
Joshua Palmer
Lighting Technician
2019, Christmas at London Zoo
Production LX
Maria Anthony
2018, ZSL Superhero Academy
Plastico/ Captain Z
Tobias Peppersack
2018, ZSL London ZooNights 2018
Tobias Peppersack
2018, ZSL London Zoo ZooNights
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2018, Zoo Nights at London Zoo
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Ryan O'Grady
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2017, The Land of the Lions
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Various Actress and Street Theatre
Rachael Stratton
2017, Gruesome Nature Live
Dr Atrox
Rebecca Boey
Rebecca Boey
2016, The One Hour Plays
Michael Revens
Michael Revens
Sound Technician
2016, Sunset Safari Festival
Sound Engineer
Ryan Laughton
2016, Safari Adventure
Beth Johnston
2016, Land Of The Lions LIVE!
Storyteller/Presenter/ Walkabout
Louis Labovitch
2016, Land of the Lions
Beth Smith
Beth Smith
2016, Land of the Lions
ZSL Conservationist