Remote Monitoring And Production In West Africa

There's no avoiding Coronavirus even if you haven't been affected physically. The repercussions are rippling across the production industry, and broadcasters, production companies and clients are already looking at how they will work in this new world order. At IBST we are well positioned to offer services that will bring local production to your doorstep wherever you may be. Here's a rundown of what we are doing to make working in Nigeria and West Africa easier

As a forward-thinking company that serves the production community worldwide, we have been stepping up to provide technology and services to those who need to work remotely.

As LIVEU partners in Nigeria we would be offering our clients as part of our services, the ability to collaborate, monitor and even record remotely footage from our locations from HD up to 4k utilizing our LU600HEVC Unit

Depending on your requirements we are able to customize this solution to meet various solutions:

Monitoring and Audio IFB: If your organization has a LIVEU server we are able to link the units and provide real-time video monitoring, recording and IFB communications with the location crew. Simply connect your monitor to the output of the server and you would be able to monitor, record in your selected format and communicate with the location or production in real-time with latency of only 1-2 seconds. Wherever you are, and even if you dnt have a server we can provide you with details of our partners who have servers that can be paired for this solution.

Monitoring and IFB Communication: In the case you do not have access to a server, we will give you a password to a dedicated and secure Ustream account. This will enable you again to monitor and have real time audio IFB communication with our local team whilst on location or in production.

File Transfers: Files can be transferred and received whilst on location so for instance photographs and other on location documentation can be sent through you.

Built for your needs: Tailored to the needs of mobile journalists and remote production, the LU600 HEVC product suite offers three configurations, including: HD, 4K-HDMI and 4K-SDI. The unit comes in a specially designed smart backpack, with improved usability, remote control functionality and easy access to display, controls and interfaces. You will receive a clear, high quality and consistent video signal.

For more information please contact me and we can discuss how we can put this to use for next production in Nigeria. If you need a test setup just send me an email