How to design the voice-over section of my website

On the voice over section of your website the kinds of information you need is obviously your name and address. You will need to write your age and age range to let people understand what kind of age groups you can voice for. Also include whether you are male and female and list previous experience.

If you have any links to videos or audio plays with your voice on it is always good to include these also so a prospective client can see examples of what you have done. Failing this if you have done some jobs but not received any links to these jobs done then you should definitely have links for your own or professionally produced demos.

Links to social sites are required. You may think that these social links are not so important but what is important is that all the links link to each other creating a spider's web of link love back to your website which should be your sole purpose. Linking everything should make Google search happy and increase people coming to your site from random searches.

Always put an about you page that describes where you come from, what you have done before, what qualities you have and what you can do for your clients. A blog page is also a great way of increasing traffic to your website. Blogging about your career and any news around that area will only help and not hinder you. Try to make the blogs topical and about your field. If you can't make the blogs topical all of the time or occasionally can't think what to write on your blog site, you can always occasionally blog some YouTube videos or some links to sites that may help your cause. The most important feature of your website is listing prices to be paid for jobs and a way of contacting you to discuss jobs, so, a contact page. With all of these things in place you should be able to make some money as a voice artist.