How to get an audition at the BBC

Now the BBC can be tough nut to crack. As you are aware it can be a very close shop. For writers, it’s who you know. For actors its is the same. But it doesn’t mean it’s hopeless.
It helps if you have something, a look or skill that stands you out from the rest. Ability to horse ride and sword fights would get you audition for any good period production. Are having a great 60’s look might get you on any 60’s production.

The key is to create your CV and photo for the production you are casting for. If you look like right, they’ll be wanting to see you.

A standard CV and spotlight photo will be just 1 of 1000 that they get.

The key issue is to get good agent. And they will do the above. They will make sure your photo is right for the role and your CV will steal the deal.

Another way into the BBC is Documentaries. In today’s TV Documentaries are keen to have filming actors playing the roles. But never have the budgets to pay full acting rates. Where other actors will turn such roles down. New actors, it’s chance to get BBC credits.

The trouble with the World of acting today, there are more actors than ever. The problems in the past was passing the casting. Now days it’s getting invited to casting. So anything you can do to get that invite. Do it. Casting directors do not have time to imagine you in the role. They have to see you are right. So look the part.

Many of the BBC directors and crew move from one production to another. Often I’ve been cast for a production, only to realise it is same director or crew from another production. If you do a good job, they will keep you in mind for other productions too.

Although BBC credits are impressive, they are not the golden ticket to success. But more a proof you are a professional actor.

Another little story was those of you who remember Tom Baker. Tom Baker once wrote a letter to the BBC demanding a job. It just so happen to land on the desk of producer of DOCTOR WHO. It just so happen that the actor playing DOCTOR WHO wanted to leave. The rest is history.

To sum up;

1) Make sure your photo & CV suit the role your apply for.
2) Get a good agent.
3) Try BBC Documentaries for parts.
4) Just try! There is nothing bad they can do you. But at least you know you’re trying.