How to submit a script as a new writer

Where do my thoughts come from?
I run my own theatre company and recently took an unproduced script, took it on tour, got it funded by Arts Council England and during this time the script therefore received great press and managed to get published.

So what to do?
The first steps towards submitting a script as a new writer is to find various companies that will be interested in that type of work.

It is pointless to send a script meant for the stage to a short film production company. Create lists like an actor would of agents, but in this instance of theatre companies, radio producers & film companies.

Many fringe theatre companies welcome new scripts some say that they need to charge an admin fee, this is really not needed. It doesn’t cost anyone to read so try to avoid these companies unless you are paying for them to read review and develop it. Try pitching to companies more of an idea/event than just the script. Suggest the possibility of having a read through of the script, you could even sort this out yourself and invite companies along. It’s fairly simple find a few actors through Casting Call Pro, find a quite night at the local pub/theatre/community centre and use the space. A lot of venues are happy for you to run events if you can pitch that you will be getting people to buy drinks!

Know who you are contacting! Make sure that you can say that you have seen their work, even if it’s just online. Everyone is loves being complimented, and if you say you saw there last show and you liked it or you say that you think there website is great and really informative you are already winning.

Another great tip is to tell the company you are emailing the themes of the script and if they relates to any modern day themes, because audiences, funders, schools, employers they all love that because it sells.

Lastly use social media to the best of your advantage, don’t be shy to ask companies over twitter can you send your work to them, some writers have even offered discounted, in some cases even free, performance rights. This is because if you get it on somewhere you can get inviting everyone you want that might then ask you to write a script for them.

Overall stay positive, everyone working in the arts knows that it is hard but that’s why we do it for the feeling that you get once you have achieved your goal.