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Pobol y Cwm (also known as 'People of the Valley') is a Welsh language TV soap opera produced by the BBC that first aired in 1974. The show takes place in a fictional village called Cwmderi, set in the real Gwendraeth Valley.

The show has expanded its locales over the years from its humble beginnings at a nursing home to now include a school, pub, local farm & the surrounds villages.

The soap has been shot in the Roath Lock studio, in Cardiff Bay, since 2012; with it was previously being recorded at Broadcasting House, Cardiff. Roath Lock also plays host to other hit BBC productions, including Casualty & Doctor Who.

On Wednesday 25th September 2019, the soap hit a significant broadcasting landmark when it aired its 8,000th episode. The soap airs 5 episodes per week and draws an impressive 380,000 viewers.

Pobol y Cwm is the longest running BBC soap eclipsing even the hugely popular and long running show Eastenders. Whilst it originally aired on BBC Wales, it made the move to S4C in 1982 when the new channel was launched.

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Production Company: BBC

Year of Publication: 1974

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