Film & TV Production Resources

Film & TV production resources is your comprehensive guide to independent film/tv production resources.

We have a detailed directory of 100,000+ production companies, film makers, production crews and equipment.

Latest services - United States
Jonathan Baudoin, Crew, Directors of Photogr...
Location Scout, Film, Location Services, Loc...
Imperium Productions, Crew, Directors of Pho...
Mikon A Haaksman, Crew, Production Companies
Manhattan Edit Workshop, Training
Production Jobs

We also have an active jobs board, listing current job vacancies in film / tv production.

It's free to use, simply use the search to filter by job type, rates of pay and location.

To get started, tell us what type of job you are interested in:

Latest jobs - United States
Editor, NY Tri-state Area
Sound Mixer with gear, Los Angeles
3D Animator Needed, New York
Storyboard Artist, Los Angeles
Costume Designer for Abstract Dance Film, Pi...
Castings & Auditions

If you work in front of the camera, as an actor or presenter you can browse our castings directory to find out the latest auditions.

Latest castings - United States
Actresses needed for Film Noir, New York, NY
Evil Alive, New York, NY
Mike Boy, Los Angeles, CA
Léa (short film), Manhattan, NY
Squatters Club, Brooklyn, Queen

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