12th Dimension Productions

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12th Dimension is a production company with two chapters; one in Miami and one in Boston. The Boston chapter is the main headquarters. 12th Dimension is the production company for SICK Records. We do all genres of music and help promote our artist by exposing their Ep's/Albums online and throwing shows to give them local exposure aswell.

Connected mandy members:

Trevor Lock
Director of Photography
2013, Dandelion - Making Of, Editor/ Camera Operator
Trevor Lock
Director of Photography
2013, Dandelion, Video Editor
2013, Dandelion, James Hale
Anne Rason
2013, Dandelion, Angela
Location E14
2013, Dandelion, Joyce Stewart (lead)
various locations in London & Maidstone
2013, Dandelion, Ann
2013, Dandelion, Young Joyce
Rebecca Harris
Production Assistant
2013, Dandelion, Producer

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