24 Hour Plays (Theatre Company)

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In October 1995, the first production of The 24 Hour Plays took place in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Inspired by Scott McCloud's 24 hour comics (comic books composed in a single day), creator Tina Fallon really only intended the project as a one-time-only event.

Twelve years and three hundred plays later, The 24 Hour Plays have been produced in New York, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Greece. This success has led to the recent collaboration with organizations like The Old Vic and Urban Arts Partnerships, to produce celebrity shows that benefit a variety of worthy causes.

In 1997, The 24 Hour Plays, now a trademark, began licensing the 24 Hour Plays name, process, production handbook, and logos to various organizations around the globe. Licensed affiliates have produced their own 24 Hour Plays in regional and professional theaters, colleges, and universities across the US.

Today our flagship programs are run by original founders Lindsay Bowen, Tina Fallon, Kurt Gardner, Philip Naudé, and producing members Kelcie Beene, Sarah Bisman, and Lou Moreno.

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