Arts University Bournemouth (Training)

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The Arts University Bournemouth (formerly The Arts University College at Bournemouth, AUCB), established in 1885 as a specialist institution, is now a leading University offering high quality specialist education in art, design, media and performance across the creative industries. We remain passionate about our subjects and continue to encourage curiosity, risk-taking and adventure in exploring and pushing subject knowledge and its boundaries. The University provides staff and students with a well resourced environment in which to practise to the highest professional standards.

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Alternative Company Names

  • The Arts University College Bournemouth
  • The Arts University College
  • The Arts University Bournemouth - Graduation Film
  • The Arts University Bournemouth
  • Level Pegging/ Arts University Bournemouth
  • Film Aucb 16mm
  • Bournemouth Skillset Screen and Media Academy
  • Bournemouth Skillset Media Academy
  • Bournemouth Screen Academy
  • Bournemouth Institute
  • Bournemouth Ins of Arts
  • Bournemouth Arts' Institute - Written/Directed: Laura Farrimond
  • Bournemouth Arts' Institute - Ellie D'Silva
  • AUCB Productions
  • AUCB Production
  • AUCB Film Production
  • AUCB Film
  • AUCB
  • AUC Bournemouth
  • AUB
  • Arts University College Bournemouth Graduates
  • Arts University College Bournemouth Films
  • Arts University College Bournemouth
  • Arts University College at Bournemouth
  • Arts University Bournemouth/ The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
  • Arts University Bournemouth Production
  • Arts Univeristy College Bournemouth
  • Arts Institute Bournemouth
  • Arts Institue at Bournemouth
  • Art Institute, Bournemouth